Our DJs


DJ Ozz

I am old school, 56 years old, born in Niagara Falls NY and currently live in Whitefish Montana, working as a Licensed Addiction Counselor, US Army Vet. DJ New York Rose recruited me into DJing in 2018



i was friended by djbunny the past owner of rzzr he noticed I have a natural talent for djing & a vast knowledge of music & he brought it out & the rest is history as they say


New York Rose

I am New York Rose and have been a radio host for 14 Years and also play a game called Entropia Universe which I always have enjoyed. I play a mix of music from Rock/metal/Alt/Pop/ Classics


DJ AlfaOmega

DJ since 1977 with the drive-in disco "The Flying Dutchman" In the '90's and '00 Hardcore DJ in clubs. Since 2010 DJ in Second live with the club "Lost in Bass" and in Entropia since 2015 first with Normandie Radio and now With RZZR radio