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LØREN Talks About His Favorite Late-Night Snack, Obsession With Cars, Labelmate Somi & More | Billboard News

tazz | May 24, 2023

LØREN talks about his favorite late-night snack to eat, obsession with cars, love for tattoos, connection with his Black Label mate Somi and more during this rapid-fire game.

LØREN 0:00
Hi, this is LØREN and this is Billboard News

Tetris Kelly 0:12
I do want to play a game with you, it’d be really easy. I’m just going to say a sentence and you finish it with the first thought that comes to your head as quick as possible. Alright?

LØREN 0:19
All right.

Tetris Kelly 0:20
My favorite late night snack is…

LØREN 0:22
Instant noodles.

Tetris Kelly 0:23
Instant noodles?!

LØREN 0:24
It’s like in my blood, you know? Like, it’s like the one thing that you’re not supposed to eat at night.

Tetris Kelly 0:28
If I wasn’t a singer, I would be…

LØREN 0:31
A tattooist.

Tetris Kelly 0:32
Have you ever done one of your own tattoos?

LØREN 0:33
I actually have a really close tattooist, and you know, I give her like a really bad picture of what I want, and she just kind of like refines it, you know, and so we kind of go back and forth and she’s like, What do you think about this angle? What do you think about the size? And then we just kind of put it together.

Tetris Kelly 0:48
The most famous person that follows me on IG is…

LØREN 0:50
I think Somi from the Black Label. I think

LØREN 1:00
I’m pretty sure that’s it.

Tetris Kelly 1:02
I’m gonna go through your followers now.

Tetris Kelly 1:03
My current obsession is,

LØREN 1:06
I think cars. I’ve always been a car guy and I don’t think I ever grew out of it. But I recently got into a car crash and so I need to get like a rental. Right? So I got a Toyota Supra and that cars has been like really, really fun. So I think just going for drives has been my obsession.

Tetris Kelly 1:19
Well, thanks so much for again for coming out and hanging out. This is so fun.

Written by tazz

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