Gallery: This Incredible Axelay Art Proves We Need A Modern Remake

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I for one can appreciate awesome fanart without clamouring for a crappy remake that would never look (or play) anything like that.


That art is incredible, I love how faithful it is to the game while adding extra details that you previously couldn’t see. I wish we could get the original game in the NSO app, but a remake with this visual style would be epic.

“See you at Axelay 2!”


I love this, Axelay is among the dozen or so games I’ve had since very early childhood as far I can remember so the game and its soundtrack are both quite dear to me.

Going to put the stage 3 boss as a desktop background for now, too bad it’s not a picture of the “witches’ hat form” the boss has but it works nonetheless, gonna save a few of these as well.


For me personally one of the greatest shooters ever. Been waiting for the sequel for years. One day my dream might be a reality. To this day Axelay shows what the Snes is all about just amazing.


Grab Axelay on the Wii U eShop while you still can.


We could get Axelay on NSOL, but… Konami =/


The Game really looks good, but i did not have as much Fun with it, as for Example with Gradius or especially Parodius.


Or at least proves we need the Axelay children’s bedtime book


Sheesh spoiler alert!!! I didn’t get to the credits yet.


Holy Moley those are some good works. They’d look great printed up and on my wall +thinking emoji+


Ah man, loved the original the SNES.

Great art too.


Remaking the original axelay would ruin everything that made it special, get the people who ported gynoug and gleylancer to rerelease it instead!


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@BispoSnake They’ve been putting out Anthologies lately, and also were the last to have games released on VC, so don’t rule them out.


Axelay’s music is hidden gem.


This will always be my favorite shoot ’em up on the Super NES. The good old Konami at its absolute finest. Unfortunately it was overlooked at the time, despite it getting plenty of ads in gaming mags and getting rave reviews.


The game itself I never got super into it, but that level one music is one of the most killer soundtracks in video games.


Loved Axelay. It had great ideas through and through. Every stage unique, the weapons serving as your health at the same time, awesome enemy and boss designs, killer music…only problem was even for an SNES-era shmup, it was too short with only six stages (on the other hand, I don’t remember it having any sort of password or save system so maybe that was just the right length).

The artwork is incredible.


Just…beautiful. If Konami ever got off their butts and remade any of their legacy games to look like that…wow!!

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