Eminem’s Songs Make You Lift Heavier Weights, Study Says

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A recent study ranked Eminem fifth on a list of artists music fans listen to while working out. The results indicate that lifting to Slim Shady makes one pump more iron. The rapper ranked ahead of Drake, Doja Cat, and Beyonce, but below Lizzo, Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, and BTS/



The research was conducted by gym chain PureGym. It found that listening to Eminem increases workout output by 12.68% and weightlifting by 7.5kg. .

The research monitored gym-goers’ performance while listening to various songs vs. working out in silence. It found that almost any artist and genre can positively impact workouts, but Eminem is the biggest boost when it comes to hip-hop/rap. Songs like “Till I Collapse” and “Godzilla” provided some serious gym fuel.

Using the back catalogs of artists regularly featured in popular gym playlists, the research found that across board, listening while you lift will give a strength boost of 13% on average. Meaning a person currently benching 80kg, could take it up to a new PB of 90kg with a good tune!

Stephen Rowe, Chief Marketing Officer at PureGym said:

Whether it’s going for a run or lifting weights, many people feel they can’t exercise properly without having their favourite music playing, and it’s been fascinating to see with our study that there’s more to it than just musical preference.

Former SOURCE Magazine owner Benzino recently decided to end his mostly one-sided beef with Eminem after nearly two decades.  By taking on Eminem, Benzino thought he was protecting Hip-Hop culture from being whitewashed.   Here are 5 reasons why Benzino was wrong about rap’s most divisive white boy.

Eminem’s white privilege, which even he acknowledges, should be discussed and recognized.  However, Em’s contributions and legacy in hip-hop culture should not be ignored.

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