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10 Online Activities for Kids in Lockdown This Week

tazz | May 9, 2022
10 Online Activities for Kids in Lockdown This Week

SCA Chess Academy


During these difficult times, learning and playing chess can be an effective stress reliever, as well as a channel to sharpen thinking skills in a safe and fun environment!

Chess is a unique combination of art, science and sport, challenging the brain to practice logic, acquire pattern recognition, make pictorial and analytical judgments, improve reading skills and test memory. 

SCA Chess Academy’s online chess activities are as effective as in-person programs. They use modern technology and tools such as clear audio and high-resolution webcams, giving the child the best experience to think, visualize and make the best moves in a safe and healthy environment.

SCA provides children with a platform to experience chess activities in the English language at a high level with the guidance of experienced International Chess Masters.

Small group activities are capped at eight students maximum, and SCA’s signature curriculum is tailored made for nine levels of advancement, starting with an introductory level B1 for kids without any prior chess experience, all the way up to advanced levels for seasoned players.

Individual and team online competitions foster camaraderie and sportsmanship. Friendly banter is aplenty and kids say good luck and good game! They gain new friends.

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Ages: 6-16

Activities available 7 days a week

Price: Free trial activities for new students

Scan the QR to register for a free trial…



BodyLab Dance Center


BodyLab Dance Center is an international lab with three locations in Shanghai. You can join their online classes led by professional and qualified coaches. They welcome all levels, different ages and students from Shanghai and different cities to join them. And, over the lockdown, they are also offering a special deal to the community of RMB50 for the first trial class. Feel the rhythm with BodyLab! 

BodyLab offer classes in any style, at every level:

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics

  • Ballet

  • Hip-Hop & Jazz

  • Kids Contemporary

  • Dance Choreography 

  • Stretching & Fitness 

BodyLab provides exceptional dance training in a welcoming, supportive atmosphere – promoting a strong work ethic, teamwork and FUN!

Ages: 4.5-16

Times: Mon-Sun, 10am-9pm


Price: RMB50 for the first trial class

Scan the QR to sign up…


Little Adventurers


Little Adventurers provide interactive and engaging online classes for children aged 4 to 10. Classes are all geography and travel including country and continent studies. They keep all our classes small to encourage interaction and discussion.

Ages: 3-9

Times: Classes available 24 hours with 15-20+ different classes at different times each day!

Price: RMB58 / class; RMB196-327 / 3-5 day camp

Scan the QR to sign up now…



The Language of Leadership Club is a daily live after-school educational program where students can log on, contribute, win, laugh and learn to lead. Each day has its own activities to keep it fresh & entertaining – no mindless lecturing of material. Students will have access to 30-minute masterclasses from expert coaches, fun quiz games, live speech breakdown & analysis and much more.

Ages: 10-18

Mon-Fri, 5pm


Price: Free

Scan the QR below and use coupon code ‘THATS’ to get FREE ACCESS until May 31…


Halfway to Halloween


Miss Halloween? Always looking for an excuse to get spooky? Join this Halfway to Halloween party on Saturday, May 14. Games, songs and even a costume competition. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind virtual event!

Ages: 3+

Times: Sat, 3pm

Price: RMB50

Scan the QR on the flyer to sign up now…




Capoeira is a multilateral art form combining elements of martial arts, dance, acrobatics and music. Build up strength and endurance, develop flexibility and coordination. Increase social skills and leadership; strengthen confidence and self-esteem… and much more!

Ages: 4-14

Times: Wed, 5pm; Sun, 4pm

Price: Free trial class; RMB50 per class/per family thereafter (siblings can train together)

Scan the QR on the flyer to sign up now…


Stars Kung Fu


The SKF Kung Fu program teaches basic kung fu skills through the theory of eight elements:

  • Crane-White Belt

  • Monkey-Blue Belt

  • Mantis-Green Belt

  • Tiger-Yellow Belt

  • Viper-Red Belt

  • Star-Black & White Belt 

  • Moon-Black & Red Belt

  • Sun-Black Belt

From white to black, punching, kicking and forms increase in difficulty. Through fun exercises, students develop and improve coordination, speed, strength and balance, and learn the proper techniques for punches, kicks, jumps, rolls and more.

Ages: 3-12

Times: Mon, Wed & Fri, 4pm; Sun, 10am

Price: Free

Scan the QR on the flyer to sign up now…


Shanghai City Ballet


Ballet, PreDance, Jazz, HipHop, Contemporary and PBT classes.

Ages: 3-13+

Times: See flyer below

Price: Trial class RMB50 

Scan the QR on the flyer to sign up now…


Queen of Arts Studio


Queen of Arts Studio is a creative space for children to enter the world of imagination and design. With live sessions and exciting video tutorials led by experienced visual arts educator, your child will have a welcome respite from the city lockdown, and feel engaged and inspired by these exciting sessions. There are no limits to the imagination, even within a confined space.

Ages: 4-6 and 7+

Times: Weekend and weekday sessions available

Price: Trial class RMB99

Scan the QR to sign up now…


Craft’d Craft & Doodle Along


Keep your kids engaged and entertained with live craft and draw along workshops. In the live classes, kids are shown how to create something step by step at the same time as being encouraged to put their own creative twist on every project!

Ages: 7+

Times: Weekends, 3-3.45pm

Price: From RMB50 

Scan the QR on the flyer to sign up now…


Got a kids’ activity you would like to promote? Contact Christy via email at [email protected] and on WeChat by scanning the QR code below:


[Cover image courtesy of Little Adventurers]

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Written by tazz

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